Aircast Podalib Dynamic AFO

  • Code: 22100

  • Unit: 


The Aircast PodaLib AFO offers a dynamic and functional approach to address muscular weaknesses or foot-lifting muscles deficits, resulting in drop foot.

The benefits of the Aircast Podalib are immediate, allowing the patient to regain a more supple, natural and spontaneous walking pattern, gaining in mobility and confidence.


  • Dynamic - supple textile structure (no hard components) promotes natural ambulation and no hindering of movements, unlike rigid AFOs
  • Versatile - the Podalib is compatible with all shoe styles* and can be worn with shoes or barefoot, even while swimming
  • Comfortable - breathable, honeycomb textile provides optimal comfort even during long term use while an adjustable ankle cuff conforms to patient’s anatomy. Includes posterior foam pad for added protection of the Achilles tendon area
  • Discreet - lightweight and low-profile, the Podalib AFO can be worn very discreetly under any type of clothing
  • Ease of application - simple and intuitive application can be applied with just one hand


  • Neurological weakness or paralysis of the foot-lifting muscles, resulting in drop foot
  • Helps compensate deficits of foot-lifting muscles, and in some cases, deficits of peroneal muscle
  • Helps maintain the foot at 90° angle
  • Helps prevent lateral imbalance, without restricting movements
  • Helps improve ambulation


Code Description Unit
22100 X-Small EACH Add to quote
22101 Small EACH Add to quote
22102 Medium EACH Add to quote
22103 Large EACH Add to quote

Ankle circumference

X-Small 13 - 19cm
Small 13 - 20cm
Medium 20 - 27cm
Large 27 - 34cm