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Braces and Supports

Braces and Supports

Braces and supports are widely used in sports to support knee ligament injuries and ankle sprains in sports.

The braces are designed for different degrees of protection or support. They are used to support structural, functional and stabilization of joints and treating traumatic and sports injuries.

The knee and ankle braces can also be used as prevention against injuries or worn with pre existing injuries to avoid recurrence of the ankle or knee injury. It is common to see sports personalities wear ankle braces during matches to avoid ankle sprains.

Generally, the sport braces do not have a rigid structure. Instead, they have sleeve structure to provide compression on the joint area. The braces do not restrict movement, instead they offer stability to reduce possible damage from the rapid movements at the joints.

Rigid braces are ideal for recovery as they limit the movements of the affected areas hence improving recovery.

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