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Emergency Care

Emergency Care

To be able to react adequately for the different sports emergencies, you need a well-equipped emergency care kit. Whether you have twisted your ankle or suffered a sprain, first aid can always come in handy. The first aid kit comes with several devices to help in healing minor injuries and abrasions.

Emergency care generally consists of primary medical care equipment like collars, airway devices, pelvic slings, splints and stretchers. You can also include the equipment for more serious injuries like arm slings, scissors and gauze.

When it comes to sports, you can be prepared enough. You never know when an injury will occur, nor can you predict its nature. That’s why you need the widest range of emergency equipment.

At USL Sports, we specialise in providing the best quality medical sports equipment. We have a wide range of emergency care equipment you need to stock in your emergency kit. Browse through our catalogue for the must-have emergency equipment. Also, feel free to contact our team of experts for guidance on stocking your emergency kit.