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USL Sport Healthcare (a division of Universal Specialities Limited) is the leading supplier of sports health care products to Physiotherapists, Hand Therapists, Sports Medicine Doctors and Professional & Community Sporting Organisations throughout NZ.

Over 25 years now that USL Sport Healthcare has been in the market we have continually strived to source and provide the very best sports healthcare products  available, at both a competitive price and with a level of service that is second to none. We are able to achieve this simply because our small dedicated team of people sing from the very same song sheet – we absolutely pride ourselves on maintaining the best level of customer satisfaction that we possibly can . In fact a mantra we all firmly believe in is that service is our only truly sustainable advantage going forward in an increasingly competitive market. 

As a part of USL Medical, USL Sport Healthcare is able to afford you the customer access to an entire physiotherapy, rehabilitation and medical range of products. In short we are a “one stop shop” for your sports healthcare needs whether you are a health professional or a sports organisation at a professional or amateur level.

Whether its prevention or rehab we offer a comprehensive range of the products you need to stay at the top of your game, whatever and wherever that might be.  

In essence our goal is the same as your goal, assisting our customers (you) to ensure your customers “stay in the game”.

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Craig Oram

Business Unit Manager USL Sport

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“Our customers have a wide-ranging client base, from professional sports men and women and amateur sports teams, to weekend walkers. Staying in the game, no matter the game, is essential to thousands of Kiwis. Part of our job is to keep those who enjoy activities, active.”

USL Sport Healthcare Team