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Acupuncture is a form of medical treatment that involves the insertion of very thin needles into the skin at strategic stimulation points to stimulate tissues. It is part of the ancient Chinese medicine which is used in pain management. Its use in modern medicine however has expanded to include overall wellness such as in stress management.

Acupuncture has proven to be effective as an alternative medical treatment of illness or pain. It has been effectively used in the treatment of knee pain, back pain, migraines, arthrosis, and menstrual cramps. Acupuncture treatment has become integrated in modern medicine such that it is covered by medical insurance.

The success of an acupuncture procedure depends on the instruments used. High quality needles with precise, sharpened tips make for painless and gentle acupuncture procedures.

USL Sport Healthcare, we stock the best quality acupuncture needles and accessories. We source our supplies from reputable manufacturers. We also have a team of experts that ensure all the needles meet the needed applications.

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