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A comprehensive fitness evaluation is one of the most complicated processes for athletes. Given the different nature of the sports and physical demands, you might have to deal with different evaluation equipment. For example, football players tend to have different physical demands from those of basketball players.

To get the right evaluation equipment you have to understand the high-intensity movement requirements of the sport, steady-state activity, and intermittent movement. You might also have to look into the energy systems like aerobics and anaerobics.

At the same time, you have to understand if the sports require heavy equipment which adds to the body weight, change of direction movements like backwards running, stopping and lateral movement.

With the right evaluation, you can understand your body in relation to the given activity. You can determine the exercises to focus on and if it’s even possible that you can meet the needed physical fitness.

At USL Medical, we have a wide range of sports evaluation equipment like dynamometer, goniometer, hammer patella, and pressure biofeedback equipment.

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