Commitment to our customers

USL as a business is renowned for its great culture and this flows through to our relationships with customers who have become part of the USL family over the years.

USL Sport is dedicated to our partners and provides a high level of relationship support. The team focusses on what organisations, teams and individuals need, striving to exceed the expectations of every customer. If we say we will do something, our customers can consider it done. We take great pride in the goodwill and trust our customers have in us. In fact a mantra we all firmly believe in is that service is our only truly sustainable advantage going forward in an increasingly competitive market. 

The USL Sport team is made up of a positive group of people who are passionate about their roles within the business. The team works extremely hard to provide the small things across partnerships that make the difference. This commitment to our customers has been recognised by key sports healthcare professionals and organisations who have enjoyed long-standing relationships with USL Sport over many years.