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If you are into active sports then an elastic bandage is one of the most crucial accessories to have as they always come in handy in case of injuries such as sprain or strain. They can also be used to hold a dressing in place or limit blood flow to a wounded area.

Elastic bandages are designed to be wrapped around an injured area to provide support and gentle hold while still allowing breathability. They are made in a mixture of polyester and cotton with synthetic rubber. All these materials combine to prove the bandage’s elastic nature for the support and compression on an injured point.

Those that are into sports or are very active need the elastic bandages offering maximum support. These bandages are specially designed to provide firm, comfortable support for injuries without being constrictive during exercises.

USL Sport Healthcare, we have a wide range of bandages for use during exercising and other sports activities. We have casting, cohesive, compression, conforming, crepe, stockinette, and tubular bandages.

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