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Hydrosorb Gel

  • Code: 1048

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Hydrosorb Gel is a clear, viscous gel, the components of which are water with an electrolytic composition to provide a balanced, moist environment. 

Hydrosorb Gel softens and hydrates dry necrotic tissue, facilitates removal of devitalized tissue and absorbs wound exudate of slightly exuding wounds.

It can be washed away using sterile rinsing solution without disturbing the rest of the wound.

Hydrosorb Gel is available in individually sealed dispenser syringes featuring measuring scales pointing in opposite directions to enable correct determination of the volume used to fill the wound and of the remaining volume. 

The gel may be left on a wound for up to three days depending on wound and requires a suitable secondary dressing to prevent drying out, e.g. Hydrofilm®.


  • rehydration and debridement of slough and necrotic tissue

  • to provide a moist environment in wounds of various aetiology

  • pain relief


  • full thickness burns