Comfeel Plus Contour

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Is a Comfeel Plus hydrocolloid dressing with a thin hydrocolloid border. Its centre part, as well as the border, contains liquid absorbing particles derived from natural cellulose in an elastic, self-adhesive mass. This is covered by a semi-permeable, non-adhesive polyurethane film.

The cellulose particles expand strongly when they absorb liquids. Comfeel Plus Contour dressing maintains a moist environment which softens necrotic tissue and thus promotes biological debridement. On absorbing wound exudate, the dressing forms a yellowish gel, which fills the entire wound cavity and protects granulation tissue and nerve endings.

Features and Benefits:

Developed for wounds in difficult to dress areas – The extended boarder on Comfeel Plus Contour Dressing is designed especially with a view to treat these problem areas optimally.

Ideal butterfly shape – The extended hydrocolloid border prolongs wear time in difficult to dress areas and minimises the need additional taping even in areas as the sacrum, heels and elbows. The skin friendly hydrocolloid adhesive boarder minimises the risk of skin tears and maceration that can be caused by conventional tapes.

Non-touch application – The non-touch application system allows easy application even while wearing gloves.

Flexibility – High flexibility gives maximum patient compliance and comfort as the dressing will move with the skin and ulcer surface so that it does not restrict patient mobility.

Cohesion – The dressing can be removed with a minimum of residue left in the wound and on the surrounding skin.

Comfeel Plus Contour Dressing is primarily indicated for use in the treatment of pressure injuries in difficult to dress areas.

Contraindications and Precautions:

  • May be used on patients with local and systemic infections when infectious conditions are under control.
  • Wounds which are solely or mainly caused by an arterial insufficiency or diabetic wounds (primarily lower leg and foot) should be inspected by a physician or nurse on a daily basis.
  • Dressing must be removed prior to radiation treatment (X-Rays, ultrasonic treatment, diathermy and micro waves).
  • Not for use on ulcers with exposed bone or tendon.
  • Not for use on deep, partial thickness or full thickness burns.
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