Biatain Silicone Foam

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Superior absorption due to unique 3D foam

When in contact with exudate the 3D foam structure of Biatain® Silicone conforms closely to the wound bed for superior absorption - even under compression (3). The unique 3D foam structure absorbs the exudate vertically and together with the lock-away layer it locks away the fluid within its structure, still leaving the wound moist for optimal wound healing conditions. The fluid handling properties of Biatain® Silicone ensure control of exudate thus minimising risk of leakage and maceration.

Gentle and secure fit

The silicone adhesive layer provides a secure fit to keep the dressing in place while ensuring minimal pain upon removal (1,2). The soft and flexible design of Biatain® Silicone ensures a close fit to wound and body, and the foam pad at skin level makes Biatain® Silicone comfortable to wear – even under compression (2). 

Intuitive use

Biatain® Silicone has a 3-piece non-touch opening for an easy and aseptic application.

Fewer dressing changes

Due to superior absorption, you can experience up to 50% reduction in dressing changes (3,4).

Product composition

Biatain® Silicone is a soft and conformable polyurethane foam dressing with a semi-permeable, bacteria- and waterproof top film, a lock-away layer and a soft silicone adhesive layer.


Biatain® Silicone is indicated for a wide range of exuding chronic and acute wounds such as leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, non-infected diabetic foot ulcers, donor sites, postoperative wounds and traumatic wounds (e.g. skin abrasions, skin tears, cuts). It can be used in combination with compression therapy and may be left in place for up to 7 days. 


1. Cartier H et al. Wound management with the Biatain® Silicone foam dressing: A multicentre product evaluation. Wounds International 2014;10(4).

2. Chadwick P et al. Biatain® Silicone dressings: A case series evaluation. Wounds International 2014;5(1).

3. Andersen MB and Marburger M. Comparison of 24 hours fluid handling and absorption under pressure between ten wound dressings with silicone adhesive. Presented at EWMA 2015.

4. Thomas S. Laboratory findings on the exudate-handling capabilities of cavity foam and foam-film. Journal of Wound Care 2010;19(5):192-99.

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