Elastoplast HT Hand Tearable Black

  • Code: 11680

  • Unit: 


New Black Colour of Hand Tearable Bandage. Easy and convenient elastic adhesive bandage for overwrapping rigid strapping tape applications for extra strength and conformity. Ideal for Blood Bin rule as no scissors are required.


• A quick and easy application makes the product ideal for "Blood Bin" rule applications
• Athletes will benefit via quick overwrapping of any wound dressing fixation following injury
• The hand - tear-ability enables even faster application and no scissors required
• The Black HT tape providers compression and support over any rigid taping procedure and soft tissue are requiring further compressional support
• The Black HT tapes extraordinary conformity allows this tape to be used across all difficult areas of application

Code Description Unit
11680 5.0cm x 3.5m Black 24Box BX24 Add to quote
11681 7.5cm x 3.5m Black 16Box BX16 Add to quote