Huntleigh Doppler Vascular DMX (without probe)

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The dopplex bi-directional digital Doppler – a new dimension in sound and vision

Designed to improve efficiency and effectiveness in clinical diagnosis, the DMX offers unrivalled value and quality. Our bi-directional waveform is uniquely generated from the digital Doppler spectrum. This gives the clinician objective evidence to assist in the diagnosis of vascular disease that other Doppler’s may find difficult or impossible to achieve.

Our algorithms optimise the presentation of waveforms and enhance the quality of sound using our unique Dynamic Digital Noise Reduction (DDNR) system and gel filter. Doppler sound recording and playback is just one of the many new features in this state of the art digital Doppler unit.

High resolution colour display
•    Waveforms displayed in high definition.
•    Wide viewing angle.

Bi-directional waveform generated from the digital Doppler spectrum with auto scaling feature
•    Maximises accuracy and clarity of waveforms; essential for patients with poor blood flow.
•    Scroll facility to review your test and choose the ideal waveforms.
•    Arterial and Venous modes.

Data storage on micro SD card
•    Store waveforms and sounds for review or transfer to optional DR5software package for printing reports and archiving.

Integrated charging & connectivity
•    USB port for convenient charging and communication with our software.
•    Bluetooth wireless technology and stereo headphone connection socket.

High sensitivity interchangeable probes
•    All new XS probes have been calibrated and fine-tuned for optimum use.
•    An optional PPG probe provides easy and accurate measurement of toe pressures.

Hear the difference

•    Digital sound processing enables our new DDNR system to eliminate the background hiss and the gel filter reduces the loud  crackle when gel is applied.

Designed to improve efficiency and effectiveness in delivering quality care

Diagnose with confidence
•    Doppler sounds can be misleading. Now with the accompanying waveform you can visually confirm that you are interpreting the sound correctly.

Visually confirm PAD
•    An early indication of PAD can be seen by the loss of the reverse flow in the Doppler waveform from the lower limb.

Venous Testing
•    A dedicated Venous Mode allows any reflux to be clearly visualised by the flow pattern above the baseline.
Instantly visualise waveforms for pictorial evidence.
•    See the difference - the value of visual representation.

Improved Sound Quality
•    Audio purity is enhanced by using our DDNR which completely eliminates background hiss. This clarity aids the clinician in detecting small vessels or calcified arteries that other Doppler’s may find difficult or impossible to locate.

•    Charged via the USB socket, providing low running costs and negates the need to change batteries.

Real Time Clock
•    Allows the user to store data with a time and date stamp, providing evidence when the test was undertaken.

Educational Resource Tool
•    Pre-stored files on the SD card can be used to demonstrate the relationship between Doppler waveforms and sounds for teaching and training purposes.