Distilled Water

  • Code: 13861

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Pure Dew is the only bottled water in NZ that is 100% guaranteed free from fluoride, chlorine, nitrates, heavy metals, bacteria, sodium, and other impurities that are often found in most drinking/tap waters. 

Our unique combination of five state-of-the-art purification technologies including steam distillation, reverse osmosis, and ozonation produces NZ’s purest bottled water. Our process means Pure Dew is super oxygenated, PH neutral, and typically 100 times more pure than typical tap, mineral, or spring water. The result? Water that not only tastes great but is great for you.

Our customers love our water for its clean fresh taste, but its high purity means it's the perfect ingredient for coffee and tea, for use in batteries, and as an element in other manufactured products that require water of a high purity.

Code Description Unit
13863 Water Distilled 6 Litre EACH Add to quote
7384 10 Litre EACH Add to quote