Ice N Easy

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The Ice"N" Easy bag is made of a velour rubber composite, designed to help decrease the chance of ice burn. It is held in place by an elastic neoprene Velcro pad, which comes with elastic straps for attaching. This method will not only give you a great method of icing but will also allow for a good compression over the injured area(s). 

Results with minimum fuss

Over the years, Ice"N" Easy has undergone numerous small changes to try and give all athletes the best possible icing technique with a minimum of fuss. 





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Step 1

  • Fill the bag two-thirds of the way with ice cubes or crushed ice. Then squash the bag down so most of the air is expelled. Screwing the lid tightly will prevent leaks.

Step 2 

  • Position the bag over the injured area and attach the strap, by placing the lid of the bag through the hole provided in the strap. The velour rubber bag will transmit the cold while also minimising the risk of ice burn.

Step 3 

  • Strap the bag to the injured area and use the Velcro tabs to secure it in the position required. Tighten the straps to ensure compression against the injured area. Please be aware that over-tightening will cause discomfort, can restrict blood flow and should be avoided.

Step 4 

  • The extension straps can be used to secure the bag to irregular areas, such as the back or
    shoulder. The straps should only be tightened to the point of comfort. If there is any discomfort, the application should be checked and the straps loosened