USL Sport Premium Rigid Bulk

  • Code: 10804

  • Unit: 


The best quality rigid flesh zinc oxide tape on the New Zealand market. Used by a large number of our leading sports physiotherapists and sporting organisations


  • High-quality rayon cloth tape 
  • Designed for the taping of knees, ankles, hands, wrists, and fingers to protect the joints from injury
  • Offering high tensile strength with strong adhesive qualities
  • Pinked edges provide quicker tape application whilst eliminating threading
  • Air permeability allows for evaporation of sweat, maintaining strength and stability
  • The specifically-formulated zinc oxide tape for the skin has strong adhesive for firm application


  • Tapes are to be kept in cool, dry areas below 25ºC to minimize any possible adverse reaction.

Single rolls are also available for purchase here. 


Code Description Unit
9771 38mm x 13.7m Flesh 30Box BX30 Add to quote
9769 38mm x 13.7m Flesh 8Drum DR8 Add to quote
7118 38mm x 13.7m White 8Drum DR8 Add to quote
14982 38mm x 13.7m Black 8Drum DR8 Add to quote
10805 12mm x 13.7m Flesh 24Drum DR24 Add to quote
9770 25mm x 13.7m Flesh 12Drum DR12 Add to quote
10804 50mm x 13.7m Flesh 6Drum DR6 Add to quote