Cosmopor Transparent

  • Code: 1086A

  • Unit: 


Cosmopor Transparent is an adhesive, transparent, semi-permeable, polyurethane film dressing with a pad, which is waterproof and bacteria-proof. The elasticity of the film means that the dressing conforms to the body's contours. It is used as a primary dressing to cover post-operative and trauma wounds, or as a secondary dressing for retention purposes, and features an additional absorbent wound pad.


  • Numbered peel off films make for easy application
  • Hypoallergenic adhesive layer allows initial repositioning of the film


  • Post-operative wounds
  • Securing of catheters and cannulas
  • Sterile dressing for first aid
  • The waterproofing of wounds


  • Infected wounds
  • Over other semi-permeable dressings
Code Description Unit
1421A 5 x 7.2cm BX50 Add to quote
1086A 9 x 10cm BX50 Add to quote
1087A 9 x 15cm BX25 Add to quote
1088A 10 x 20cm BX25 Add to quote
1080A 10 x 30cm BX25 Add to quote