Omnistrip Skin Closure

  • Code: 7423

  • Unit: 


Omnistrips are hypoallergenic wound closure strips made of skin-coloured non-woven fabric with polyacrylate adhesive, with rounded edges that prevent lifting.

They are extremely permeable to air and water vapour, no maceration, adhere reliably, can be removed without pain and without leaving residues, radiolucent, temperature resistant and durable.

Omnistrips differ from most skin closure strips as they are beige in colour so as to be more discreet.  They also have rounded ends to each strip, minimising the chance of them being caught and then lifting from a corner.

Indications: atraumatic closure of minor wounds and surgical incisions in primary healing wounds; also to protect the wound margins against tension and to stabilize fresh scars.

Ensure that the skin is dry and clean before application.

Code Description Unit
7426 Omnistrip Skin Closure 3mm x 76mm BX50 Add to quote
7423 Omnistrip Skin Closure 6mm x 38mm BX50 Add to quote
7425 Omnistrip Skin Closure 6mm x 76mm BX50 Add to quote
7427 Omnistrip Skin Closure 12mm x 101mm BX50 Add to quote
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