Tork Wiping Paper Plus Combi Roll Box 2ply W1/2/3

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The 2-ply multipurpose Tork Wiping Paper Plus is ideal for mopping up liquids and hand drying. This paper can be used in either the Tork Floor or Wall Stand dispensers, which are developed for safety, efficiency and reliability or the Tork Boxed Combi Roll Dispenser.

High capacity roll lasts longer and saves time on refilling Good absorbtion for mopping up spills helps to wipe up liquids faster.

System W2, W3, W1

Roll length 255 m

Roll width 23.5 cm

Roll diameter 26.2 cm

Number of sheets 750

Sheet length 34 cm

Core inner diameter 7.1 cm

Ply 2

Print No

Embossing Yes

Color White