BioSkin OA Spiral Knee

  • Code: BS51500R

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The BioSkin™ OA Spiral combines unloading in the tibiofemoral joint with realignment in the patellofemoral joint. Using a spiral strap, the OA Spiral engages a three-point leverage system to comfortably pull the knee out of varus or valgus and decrease pain in the affected compartment. For those patients with additional patellofemoral OA, an optional Q-strap can be used to place a gentle pressure on the patella to support proper alignment and increase joint surface contact. The lightweight hinge and thin, breathable materials yield a product that is comfortable and easy to wear, even under clothing. The strap and buckle design makes donning and doffing easy for patients who struggle with dexterity. The OA Spiral is also designed for longevity with easily replaceable Velcro panels so the patient can get years of use from the same brace.


  • Clinically validated pain relief
  • Comfortably unload the knee
  • Hybrid wraparound design
  • Patella traction control
  • High patient satisfaction
  • Easy to fit, apply, and use
Code Description Unit
BS51504L X Large Left Medial/Right Lateral -Stock Clearance EACH Add to quote
BS51502R Medium Right Medial/Left Lateral - Stock Clearance EACH Add to quote
BS51503R Large Right Medial/Left Lateral - Stock Clearance EACH Add to quote
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