Liquiband Flex 0.8g

  • Code: 16285

  • Unit: 

Liquiband® Flex combines the speed and convenience you want with the flexibility and strength you need.

Safe Applicator:

  • Has a safe applicator with wings to aid further safety and control


  • Contains an octyl-blend polymerising into a flexible film dressing providing strong and secure wound closure

Variety of Surgical Procedures:

  • Suitable for the topical closure of skin wounds which are a result of a variety of surgical procedures including: General & GI Surgery (Laparascopy & Laparotomy), Plastic Surgery, OBS & gynae (Episiotomy, C-Section), Neurosurgery (Craniotomy, shunts), Orthopedic surgery

Fast Set Time:

  • Sets on wounds in less than 60 seconds

Size: 0.8g

Code Description Unit
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