Comfeel Plus Transparent

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Comfeel Plus Transparent Dressing consists of moisture absorbing cellulose particles encapsulated in a synthetic, elastic and sticky mass.  The surface is covered by a semi-permeable and elastic polyurethane film.

Features & Benefits

A plus for the healing environment
Comfeel Plus Transparent Dressing is a newer generation of hydrocolloid dressings.  New technology has made possible the development of a unique wound dressing.  Optimal moisture is maintained in the wound during healing.  It is achieved through a unique interplay between absorption and evaporation (exudate management).

Easy wound measurement and inspection

The transparent dressing facilitates inspection of the wound without removing it.  The healing process can therefore be monitored closely.  The quadrate window pattern on the surface of the dressing makes it easy to measure the size of the wound.

A plus for the patient
The improved exudate management means fewer dressing changes.  This has a positive effect on the healing process and offers the patient increased freedom as Comfeel Plus Transparent Dressing is thin, soft and flexible.

The dressing can stay on up to seven days, which means less wound disruption and increased patient comfort.

A plus for staff members
Comfeel Plus Transparent Dressing has a non-touch application system.  A change can be made quickly and simply because there is no residue left in the wound.


Comfeel Plus Transparent Dressing is used for treatment of low exudating chronic wounds and superficial acute wounds. E.g. pressure sores, leg ulcers, superficial burns, donor sites, traumatic wounds and post-operative wounds.  The dressing is also used to protect the skin in especially vulnerable areas.  In the final stages of healing, and in areas which are difficult to dress.

Contraindications / Precautions

May be used on patients with local and systemic infections when the infectious conditions are under medical control.

Wounds which are solely or mainly caused by an arterial insufficiency or diabetic wounds (primarily lower leg and foot) should be inspected by a physician or nurse on a daily basis.

Must be removed prior to radiation treatment (X-rays, ultrasonic treatment, diathermy and micro waves).

Not for use on ulcers with exposed bone or tendon.

Not for use on deep, partial-thickness or full-thickness burns.

Code Description Unit
29103530 5cm x 7cm BX10 Add to quote
33517 13cm x 13cm BX10 Add to quote
33547 5cm x 15cm BX10 Add to quote
29103533 10cm x 10cm BX10 Add to quote
29103548 5cm x 25cm BX5 Add to quote
29103536 9cm x 14cm BX10 Add to quote
29103537 9cm x 25cm BX5 Add to quote
29103539 15cm x 15cm BX5 Add to quote
29103542 15cm x 20cm BX5 Add to quote
29103545 20cm x 20cm BX5 Add to quote
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