BOSU Power Stax Single

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Elevate your BOSU® workout with the Stax Elevation System!

The Stax Elevation System allows you to work with the BOSU® Pro Balance Trainer at three different heights:

  • Level 1: 10"
  • Level 2: 15.5"
  • Level 3: 19.25"

*please note, all heights are approximations.

Combining the Stax Elevation System with your BOSU® offers unlimited options to create and devliver programming for a variety of applications including advanced drills and exercises, sport progressions, plyometrics, explosive power and agility drills. Use with individuals or in group / team training sessions. Height options also allow for a variety of seated workouts for beginners, the older adult, corrective exercise and youth fitness.
Now it's easy to train with variations in height in order to enhance intensity, power, agility and stabilisation with the overall goal of improving athleticism and fitness using level-appropriate progressions.

Includes: 1 BOSU® Stax Riser (black), 2 BOSU® Stax Holders (grey).