USL Exam Glove Nitrile Skin Friendly

  • Code: 10601K

  • Unit: 

Glove Nitrile, soft and stretchy gloves which serve as an alternative to natural rubber latex examination gloves minus the latex protein and accelerator chemicals. A suitable choice to minimise the likelihood in contracting both Type 1 and Type IV allergies, especially on sensitised users.

The gloves are specially designed with thin but strong film formation that fits snugly to your hands to obtain maximum tactile sensitivity and dexterity without compromising on barrier properties. These nitrile gloves are also suitable in administering chemotherapy drugs (Chemotherapy Permeation test report available upon request).

Glove Features:

Standard Cuff (Min.240mm)

  • Non-added components (sulphur and accelerator chemicals) to minimise exposure to Type IV hypersensitivity
  • Non-latex formulation eliminates exposure to Type 1 latex protein sensitivity
  • Nitrile material promotes better puncture and chemical/ chemo resistance properties
  • Low Dermatitis Potential Claim
  • Available in Light Blue
  • Ambidextrous
  • Finger textured with improved working grip to enable efficient instrument handling in wet and dry condition
  • Beaded cuff design to don gloves efficiently and securely
  • Non-Sterile
  • Biocompatibility Tested (ISO 10993)
  • Patent Pending Formulation


Code Description Unit
10601K X-Small BX200 Add to quote
10602K Small BX200 Add to quote
10603K Medium BX200 Add to quote
10604K Large BX200 Add to quote