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Donjoy OA Reaction Web Knee Brace

  • Code: 904974

  • Unit: 

A Discreet Solution for Osteoarthritis Knee Pain. 

OA Reaction Web™ gives those with OA knee pain the relief they need in a comfortable, lightweight, discreet solution OA Reaction Web™ knee brace is a unique and effective way to treat osteoarthritis pain, featuring patented silicone web technology and comfortable off-loading.


  • Early to mild unicompartmental osteoarthritis of the knee & patella 
  • OA Reaction Web™ is the ideal “first-time” choice: it allows patients to get accustomed to wearing a brace, making it easier to transition into a more rigid OA brace when the time comes 
  • OA Reaction Web™ is also a good option for patients wishing to use it as a lighter alternative to their usual rigid brace 

Patient profile: 

  • Mild to moderate activity levels 
  • All age groups 
  • Overweight patients 


Code Description Unit
904974 Right Med/Left Lat X-Small EACH Add to quote
904976 Right Med/Left Lat Small EACH Add to quote
904977 Right Med/Left Lat Medium EACH Add to quote
904978 Right Med/Left Lat Large EACH Add to quote
904979 Right Med/Left Lat X-Large EACH Add to quote
904980 Left Med/Right Lat Small EACH Add to quote
904981 Left Med/Right Lat Medium EACH Add to quote
904988 Left Med/Right Lat X-Small EACH Add to quote
904982 Left Med/Right Lat Large EACH Add to quote
904983 Left Med/Right Lat X-Large EACH Add to quote

Off-The-Shelf Knee Brace Sizing Chart

Circumference meausrements should be taken at knee centre,15cm above knee centre and 15cm below knee centre.

Size Thigh Knee Centre Calf
X-Small 33cm-39cm 30.5-33cm 25.5cm-30.5cm
Small 39cm-47cm 33cm-35.5cm 30.5cm-35.5cm
Medium 47cm-53.25cm 35.5cm-38cm 35.5cm-40.5cm
Large 53.25cm-59.5cm 38cm-43cm 40.5cm-47cm
X-Large 59.5cm-67.25cm 43cm-48.25cm 47cm-50.75cm
XX-Large 67.25cm-75cm 48.25cm-53.25cm 50.75cm-56cm
XXXL 75cm-81.25cm 53.25cm-58.5cm 56cm-61cm