USL Sport Cohesive Bandage 5cm

  • Code: 90861

  • Unit: 

USL Sport Non-Woven is an economical cohesive bandage available three colours. USL Sport Cohesive bandage sticks to itself, but not to skin.


  • Flexible and stretchy to conform to body when moving
  • No stick formula makes it comfortable to wear
  • Easy to unwind for controlled application
  • Can be torn by hand along length and width
  • Each roll individually wrapped for convenience and hygiene
  • Constructed from a porous fabric tape that sticks only to itself,

Dimensions: 5cm x 6.9m Retail (individually wrapped) Black


Code Description Unit
90871 5cm x 6.9m Multi Box 3 of each Beige,Black,Blue, BX12 Add to quote
90861 5cm x 6.9m Black Roll ROLL Add to quote
90865 5cm x 6.9m Beige Roll ROLL Add to quote